Theresa, PLEASE configure your mail program to use ONLY TEXT, NO HTML...
In addition, if you write only ONE line of an answer, do NOT quote the
ENTIRE mail in your reply. Thanks.

Now about Nicholas' comment:

> There is an ODIN (one disk INstall) available on the website, so yes.  =
> It's going to be minimalist, but the download to install freedos does =
> not fit on floppies yet.  And I don't know if there will be a floppy =
> install set...

You CAN install FreeDOS with diskettes, as clearly explained on the
download page. If you do not want to install the source codes, you only
need THREE diskettes for that:

You need b9base01 and b9base02 with the actual data files (base02 might
be called "diskette 5-8" by the installer, as it counts in 360k units)
and also b9boot01 to boot the computer and start the install process.
You should select monochrome / text mode installation, as the SVGA nice-
graphical-eye-candy installation only works on newer computers.


PS: mentions some fdos1440 diskette.
That one is meant ONLY to start the install process, usually by
accessing the CD-ROM or the copied contents of the CD-ROM.
Useful if you cannot boot from CD-ROM or cannot connect CD-ROM and
diskette drive at the same time.

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