At 09:24 PM 3/15/2005 -0300, Carlos AB wrote:

The wiki site for Fd-doc is almost ready and I though it would be nice to
have your opinions, comments and help,  before it goes public. So here is
the address:

Spread the word. :)

Improvement suggestion: In big bold letters, ask people to post bug reports to Bugzilla or the mail lists, direct e-mail if they must, but not in the wiki FAQ. I'm just now seeing >1-year-old bug reports people have stuck in the wiki.

Individual bug reports are not wiki FAQ fodder. There is no formal mechanism to track new reports. Plus, asking developers to read not only the mail lists and Bugzilla, but to also regularly scan new wiki changes looking for bug reports is spreading the debug process too thin and too far. In fact, I would suggest that no individual debugging help be offered there, but rather a suggestion to go to, and help with, posting the bug to Bugzilla. Or directions on how to join the freedos-user mail list. Or a pointer to the FreeDOS contact list URL.

(Yes, I know I can probably edit the wiki myself, but I've not used it previously and a policy-oriented change seems best left to those in charge of documentation decisions.)

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