Hi Fox,
> How many of you are using (or wish using) a password program preventing 
> strangers to run FreeDOS on your machine?

I have the DOS menu entry in Lilo password-protected, because when
you boot DOS, you can edit Lilo configuration from there, and e.g.
remove the "password required to give Linux kernel parameters" option
for Lilo (which protects you from people to select "boot Linux with
option init=/bin/sh").

In addition, I wrote a kind of system lock for Tyler, very simple:
When you start it, you are asked for a password, and to leave it
again, you have to type the same password again. Every few failed
attempts, some scary noise is generated. That's all, but if you
think it is useful, I can move it to the public stuff/soft/specials :-).

> I ask that, because personally I am using such program, and if there is more 
> people having that need, it would be good to think about adding an utility 
> like that into FreeDOS distro.

I think there are more things to be added. Having a BASE distro is fine,
but http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/ has a lot more:
Devel -> ArrowAsm, BaseC, Bin2c, BWBasic, Cats/Kitten, CLib, DMake, FASM,
  FRM-Lib, Insight Debugger, LIB, NASM, OpenWatcom (you could even add
  DJGPP and piles of DOS GNU tools to the list ;-)), Pacific C, Small Basic,
  SUPPL-Lib, VAL linker, Wolfware Asm... (GNU make would be nice, too...).
Edit -> Emacs, OSPlus, SETEDIT, VIM (normal FreeDOS EDIT is in BASE, not in
  EDIT category, and TE and TED3 editors are missing, even though TED3 is
  small, useful and open source...).
Net -> Arachne (now GPL), code, eRTOS-Lib, FDsmtpOP, CrossPoint/FreeXP,
  ircabi, lsppp, lynx, mime64, newsabi, Pegasus Mail for DOS, SSH2DOS,
Util -> 4DOS (now free), c-lock (similar to my LOCKME), cal, CDRcache, CMOS,
  compinfo, DCopy, dirstack, Dog, DOS32/A, DOSLFN, du, finger (checksummer),
  fips (partition resizer, non-LBA!?), FRM (flat real mode, should probably
  be MOVED TO DEVEL), head, lfndos, LoadFont, loadhi, locate, logon ("Locks
  your system at boot time until you provide the correct password"), MetaKern
  (boot menu), MidiPlay, moresys (lets you do tree >more$ which is better
  than tree | more in a way), nro (nroff), PCIsleep (PCI info / sleep tool),
  pdTree, PG (file viewer), Ranish Partition Manager, RAREAD (by now, the
  DISKCOPY tool is more useful for that), Rerror (redirect stderr), ROMDSK,
  ROMOS (boot FreeDOS from ROM), runtime (measure how long things take),
  setlock (set caps/... lock, can also be done by MODE now), shext (???),
  sleep (wait for specified time), spool (like print/printq), stamp (like
  touch), start (???), switchar (show/set switchar, can also be done by MODE
  now), tail, tee (keep a copy of stdout), topspin (menu system), touch (set
  file date/time), trch (like GNU tr), TTF2FNT, unzip, uptime, verify (set
  the verify flag), wcd (versatile chdir with menu), which, zip.

OpenWatcom is quite big, but all the others have reasonable size, so it
would be cool to have them on a "big edition" of the installer CD-ROM, as
we had with beta 8 long ago. I wonder if there are newer EMACS / VIM out
there for DOS. The other things can still be called up to date, EXCEPT some
items in UTIL category: dcopy / dirstack / dog / loadhi / switchar / verify
and which should probably be moved to "IF you do not use FreeCOM" category,
to be created. DOSLFN is much better than lfndos by now. setlock / switchar
are not really needed if you have MODE, but if they are smaller than MODE,
then they are still useful (you might want to have them on a boot disk when
MODE itself would be too big). No idea what shext/start should do.
I miss CWSDPMI which is needed for ZIP/UNZIP and other programs.


PS: In BASE, the title for CPI* should be shorter, remove "Package with"
and replace "codepages" by "CP"...

PPS: To include non-BASE packages in the "big edition", we need HELPERS
who can prepare ZIP files of the packages with contents in FreeDOSish
directory structure - as opposed to "you download something and install
it after reading the readme", such ZIP packages can then be installed by
the user-friendly install system on the installer CD-ROM.

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