Hi Michael,

> >I had problems with DJGPP (long compile times, mystical error messages)
> >until I removed FreeDOS EMM386 from my CONFIG.SYS.

> Heavy port I/O and use of software interrupts are way too freaking slow in 
> V86 mode, no doubt about it.  No way around it, either, as it's the nature 
> of V86 mode.

Not true - in Pentium and newer CPUs, you have VME, which allow
software interrupts and the interrupt enable flag to be handled
by hardware even for V86 tasks. However, I/O ports for which EMM386
implements virtualization (e.g. DMA controller things) and hardware
IRQs do not gain from VME.

Still, VME can lower CPU load significantly, and the mystical error
messages should not happen at all when you compile with DJGPP with
EMM386 loaded. Nice to hear that removing EMM386 helped for you,
but it should not have been "that much" necessary.

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