Hello, all:

I've been fiddling with an MS-DOS script to find out what drive
letter is assigned to a ram drive, trying to get it to work with
tdsk and FreeDOS.

The freedos.org frontpage contains a newsitem about a freeware utility to retrieve the Tdsk driveletter.
Easier way however is to use Xmsdsk.exe
see www.veder.com for links to it at the NwDsk page

1. The "VOL" command built into command.com appears to
output to stderr instead of stdout. So, piping the output,
redirecting it to a file, etc., does not work. The external
"VOL" command does output to stdout. This seems odd...

will have to investigate this. How about using DIR instead? Or is that not possible due to 0 files existing on the ramdrive?

2. The MS-DOS syntax
if condition (

Unknown syntax to me. Are you sure this is MS-DOS behaviour, not 4DOS (freeware now) or a Windows console?

gives a syntax error. Where is the behavior of "if" in command.com
documented? I've seen one example script that seemed to use a
"+" to seperate multiple commands in an if statement. Again, where
is the behavior and syntax documented?

docs are at http://freedos.sourceforge.net/freecom/FreeCOM.html

I want to do this booting from a CD, so it appears I CAN'T use a
pipe (|) since that appears to need a file on the boot device.

I use ISOLINUX as a bootloader for my own and for the freedos cdrom. This allows you to load a special ramdisk program, called MEMDISK,
which can load a diskette image into RAM and then boot it. This means faster bootup, faster DOS execution, and writable space.

I may have to break down and use something other than tdsk
so I can get the drive letter...

XMSDSK or Syslinux, would be my suggestion.
Have a look at the FreeDOS cdrom. You can find the boot image at \isolinux\data\fdboot.img
Opening it is possible with WinImage for example.

Thanks!  I appreciate the great support I get for FreeDOS.

Mark Bailey


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