> 1.  The "VOL" command built into command.com appears to
> output to stderr instead of stdout.

No, but you have to do e.g.
VOL d:>somefile.txt
VOL d: >somefile.txt
is rejected. Looks like FreeCOM command.com is 1. too picky
and 2. does not strip spaces before the < > | signs. Should be FIXED.

> 2.  The MS-DOS syntax
> if condition (
> ...
> )
> gives a syntax error.  Where is the behavior of "if" in command.com
> documented?

You cannot do IF with () in MS-DOS. Maybe you can in WinNT, with the
cmd.* shell, but you cannot do it with command.com of MS DOS.
To get more information, do:
IF /?
at the prompt. To get a list of all commands in FreeCOM, by the way, do
at the prompt. Further help is available by starting help (htmlhelp)
and reading the "batch file commands" section.

There is some homepage, too:
If you want to download a new version as suggested by
then you should NOT use the files directly in the
http://freedos.sourceforge.net/freecom/packages/ directory - those are OLD.
Instead, use e.g.: http://freedos.sourceforge.net/freecom/packages/082pl3/
or alternatively:

Somebody should really move the old versions to subdirectories on that
server :-(.


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