> Well, I'm _not_ searching any password program, because for my own use I
> have the mine, I am just interested if other people are using (or would
> using) such software, because if there are a lot of users needing a
> password program, it could be worth to think about including into the
> FreeDOS distribution a password-like program. Linux have that function
> natively, why not FreeDOS? - of course FreeDOS can give only root access or
> none access, but for a single-user machine (most of DOS PC are single
> user..) that's not a problem.

Well. I would like to see a password program (running from autoexec.bat) with 
login/password database in crypted file which would set USER (logged in user) 
and HOME (user's profile directory) environment variables on exit.

Not for security (you can't have serious security with DOS), but to have 
customized settings (like keyboard layout) for each user (you can call 
%HOME%\profile.bat at the end of autoexec.bat).

Kristaps Kaupe,

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