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Michael Devore escribió:

Heavy port I/O and use of software interrupts are way too freaking slow in V86 mode, no doubt about it. No way around it, either, as it's the nature of V86 mode.

Just curiosity, but is the same behaviour observed on a Win9X DOS BOX? (I don't have much experiences with RHIDE or DJGPP).

WIndows 98 and NT, I believe (not certain of exact versions), was when built-in support for Pentium-level VME was added, so those operating systems should be inherently much better for the comparable problematic circumstances. OS/2 2.1 had VME support, as well. Windows 95 did not have VME support, so it should suffer similar performance hits as DOS in V86 mode.

HOWEVER, there are reputed to be significant optimizations to help ease V86 overhead that one can use if one has the money, time and motivation to develop them, doesn't have to worry about squeezing everything down to a few K footprint, and controls the standard, as Microsoft naturally does with Windows. I would not be surprised to see non-VME Windows 95 potentially outperform DOS in the same circumstances. Maybe not, I don't remember if I ever saw Win 95 vs. DOS benchmarks for i/o bound situations.

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