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kn> 2.  The MS-DOS syntax
kn> if condition (
kn> ...
kn> )

     This is not MS-DOS syntax, this is NDOS/4DOS syntax. In MS-command.com
"if" is always one-line thing, and, BTW, I not seen documentation, which
specifies, how redirection in this line works in case of false condition.

kn> I want to do this booting from a CD, so it appears I CAN'T use a
kn> pipe (|) since that appears to need a file on the boot device.

     Piping in DOS always creates temporary files and, in fact,
"prog1|prog2" equal to:

        prog1 > tempfile
        prog2 < tempfile
        del tempfile

This is because DOS isn't multitasking system, as *ix, from where piping was
cloned. If you wish to run piping from readonly media, you should be sure,
that TEMP environment variable pointes to some write-enable drive/directory.

kn> I may have to break down and use something other than tdsk
kn> so I can get the drive letter...

     I prefer xmsdsk, which solves issues with searching, because it allows
to specifiy drive letter. Very convenient.

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