At 03:41 AM 3/19/2005 -0300, Jose Antonio Senna wrote:

MD>GNU-ish type stuff suffers from the "we despise everything related to
MD>Microsoft" and "Not Invented Here" syndromes, and its relationship with DOS
MD>is often uneasy. That said, DJGPP has never given me a problem when
MD>testing recent EMM386 versions.

I never compiled anything using DJGPP,but I found DJGPP compiled applications,
as Lynx, much less stable with EMM386 than without, to the extent I no longer
use EMM386 while running them.

Many illegal memory accesses in programs which won't fail under HIMEM will fail with EMM386 loaded. EMM386 does not allow memory reads/writes outside of the actual PC memory range due to protected mode /V86 throwing an exception when they occur. Even if the memory access would otherwise be benign.

So, nonfatal memory bugs in an application can allow it to run fine without EMM386, then fail when EMM386 is loaded.

Is that the situation people are seeing here? No idea. But it's something to generally keep in mind when EMM386 or similar memory managers loaded. I get bug reports that insist EMM386 has a bug because it fails on a program which previously ran "okay", when the program itself has the actual error.

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