and then
set HOME=d:\homes\%USER%

a detail: please not "homes" or whatever. Use "Documents and settings". Yes, perhaps one day we'll have decent LFN support ;-)

(for non-LFN apps, use Docume~1 or whatever).

I'm thinking this should be more like Eric's implementation of GETARGS: create a batchfile and allow to redirect it, then call it and delete it. would output contents like this:
@echo off
set user=Bernd
set home=R:\users\BBlaauw

and then do this (autoexec.bat): passwd > output.bat call output.bat del output.bat CDD %home% echo Welcome to FreeDOS, %user%

a pity that not all known security measures work in FreeDOS. SWITCHES=/F/N works (fdconfig.sys/config.sys), but the NUL trick does not


followed by a CTTY CON at end of autoexec.bat

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