Hi Bernd,

> I'm thinking this should be more like Eric's implementation of GETARGS:
> create a batchfile and allow to redirect it, then call it and delete it.
> set user=Bernd
> set home=R:\users\BBlaauw

I still prefer things like
set user=%errorlevel%
set home=%_CWD%
but of course that only works with FreeCOM :-P.
Anybody can implement a LOGON which does BOTH - output set lines to
stdout and return errorlevel / change to home dir - to make both
MS and FD users happy. If somebody has time and motivation, of course.

> a pity that not all known security measures work in FreeDOS.
> SWITCHES=/F/N works (fdconfig.sys/config.sys),
> but the command.com NUL trick does not
> followed by a CTTY CON at end of autoexec.bat

The latter does not seem to be overly important. There are more
interesting problems:

MS DOS allows copy part + file syntax to append a part to a file,
FreeCOM does not.
Somebody in the FAQ mentioned that FreeDOS cannot even boot without
a graphics card attached, although I do not know at which moment it
fails. Maybe menu system interacts with non-present screen properties
in a crashy manner? I think that without a graphics card you will
still have the default BIOS int 10 mono / text mode handler, unless (???)
newer BIOSes have removed that because it is "legacy" support.


PS: Did you know that MS DOS shell and XCOPY all use "extended open"
but on the other hand the DEL function still uses FCB delete? Weird.

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