> I guess you mean a file with hashes of passwords and plaintext user names.


> One could write a program which lets you enter user name and password,
> checks if it matches any of the file entries, and if so, return the line
> number in the errorlevel. After that, you can do
> set HOME=user%errorlevel%
> and be happy. I think it is not necessary to have a separate HOME and USER

There is one problem - you will have user numbers not names in home directory 
name and that's not nice.

> Notice that non-bat programs cannot set environment variables, but

Why not? AFAIK 4DOS has the ability to edit master environment even from 
second instance of shell.

> they can set an errorlevel, and FreeCOM has %errorlevel%. In addition,
> the login tool could just chdir to the selected user home directory,
> and you could do set HOME=%_CWD% after that :-).

Hmm, "set HOME=%_CWD%" is better IMHO, because that gives you a choice - set 
different HOME for each user or not. :)

Kristaps Kaupe,

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