On Wednesday 23 March 2005 08:18, Leke Lapinkangas wrote:
> Is it possible to install Linux on FreeDos or vice versa?
Yes, it is possible to run Linux on a DOS system using MonkeyLinux. It is also 
possible to run FreeDOS (or any other DOS) on Linux with DOSemu or even BOCHS 
(better, because it emulate the whole PC, not only FreeDOS!)

> More importantly could I do it on my machine?
Of course, you can try, because it is *possible*, but the whole thing will go 
really slooooow... Emulating is a process which requires a lot of power.
For your system I think the best would be an FreeDOS installation. You must 
have only ~15 MB free disk (to install FreeDOS using the installer), but it 
is possible to get a nice working FreeDOS even on not more than 1MB (but you 
have to install everything manually...)
If I were you I will not try to install anything else than FreeDOS...

> I checked out some minimalist distro listings, here's one example...
> GNU Brutalware Linux
> Website: http://hysteria.sk/brutalware/
> Category: Minimalist
> Description: Floppy-based Linux distribution. It is designed to boot from 3
> floppies on any MSDOS/Windows machine.

If you're curious - go. But don't be surprised if the resulting system will 
not be useable....
Installing FreeDOS is a far better way - you can even install Win3.1x (in none 
386 mode) to have a nice gui :)


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