Basil Holloway schreef:

Got this reply on forum and have not be able to locate the new Free Dos 9 help 

to replace the existing copy on the download program.

"this is a known bug in htmlhelp program.  We don't really know what
the cause is, but a recompiled version using kitten library instead of
cats seems to fix it (and should be available somewhere, ask on
fd-user list if you can't find it)"

Can anyone please advise download web address.

I have the fixed program, but will not redistribute it until next FreeDOS distro, as I need to provide proper credits to the patcher.
If anyone feels like creating a diff file, go ahead.

patch process and patch documentation by Robert Kircher.


Here is the source I used to build help.exe.  The files contained in this
archive already incorporate the changes below.

The help.prj file is the original, unmodified project file.  It will *not*
build a working help.exe.

Here are the steps I used to compile a working help.exe. I copied the CDROM to \CDROM. Next I downloaded zlib from and kitten from and placed them in my \XFER directory.

Note that I used Borland C++ 3.1.  I don't recall if Turbo C 2 has the
prj2mak utility.  If not then just change the build environment in the IDE
by adding kitten.c and removing cats/catdb.lib, or I could send you the
whole help.mak file.

1.  Create a build directory and change to it
md \build
cd \build

2. Unpack the help source
pkunzip /d \cdrom\freedos\packages\src_base\disk10\

3. Create a zlib directory and change to it
md \build\zlib
cd \build\zlib

4. Unpack the zlib distribution
pkunzip /o /d \xfer\

5. Build zlib
make -f msdos\makefile.bor

6. Copy the zlib header and lib files
copy zconf.h \build\source\help
copy zlib.h \build\source\help\unz
copy zlib_l.lib \build\source\help\unz

7. Go to the help src dir
cd \build\source\help

8. Create a makefile from the project file
prj2mak help.prj

9.  Edit the makefile:
   Change LIBPATH and INCLUDEPATH if appropriate; my compiler is in C:\BC

   Change line 37 from:

   Add a '+' to the end of line 55 (unzip.obj --> unzip.obj+)
   then add a line just below it (before the line that says "help" by

   Delete line 60, "cats\catdb.lib+"

Change "cl.lib" in (the new) line 60 to C:\BC\LIB\cl.lib Note: this step
shouldn't be needed but I've always had to do it in other projects; it
should be handled by $LIBPATH but isn't always.

   Add a dependency line for kitten.c, around line 85:
kitten.obj: help.cfg kitten.c
   (make sure it's preceded and followed by a blank line)

   Save the makefile and exit the editor.

10.  Extract the kitten source and header files
pkunzip \xfer\

11.  Edit catdefs.h by changing line 4 from:
#include "cats\catgets.h"
#include "kitten.h"

12. In kitten.c, add new line 23:
#include <io.h>             /* open, read, close */
   then change the "#if 1" to "#if 0" in line 62.

13.  Build it
make -f help.mak

14.  Compress it
upx --best help.exe

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