Hi Leke:

I wrote up a pretty detailed procedure for doing this, though it's a bit MS-DOS centric. You can
add FreeDOS to a Windows system without damaging the Windows installation. You can get the
rather large pdf from


via www.k1ea.com/hints and the document is called Dual Boot "Real" DOS on Windows XP.

All FOUR of my computers triple boot Windows XP, Linux, and various versions of DOS.

Hope this helps. I'm using a boot loader called GAG which is a bit easier to set up than LILO
or GRUB (IMHO). Let me know if you have any questions about or comments on the


Leke Lapinkangas wrote:

Thanks for the very detailed responses! I didn't realise you could partition the hard drive to run different
Operating Systems on the older computers. I will Google Lilo and find out
what it's all about.


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