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** My email keep rejected by the mailing list, I've asked my server
admin. and he say it's compatibility problem, anyone can help?

Hi Fox,

>I'm a big fan of the FreeDOS Fish ;-)

Me also, that's cute.

>Unfortunately the FreeDOS fish logo which is on the FreeDOS website is saved 
>as a JPG file (http://www.freedos.org/freedos/images/logos/freedosfish.jpg), 
>so it have some ugly "points" (especially when printed or viewed 

Compression too high, causing lossy.

>I removed these ugly things and saved the file into the free PNG format (it's 
>not lossy like the JPG anymore and the size is even smaller than the original 
>JPG file present on the FreeDOS website!).
>I also converted the file into ASCII for non-graphic terminals :)

Good, but the PNG just a 2 bit black and white, maybe you can add some
blue water :)

>Could the PNG picture be added to the freedos site (for example as alternate)? 
>Who is responsible for that (Who have I to ask?)?

Ask Jim Hall, be patient because he got many email.


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