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>> My ? is is there a File manager with FreeDos, like MC (Midnight
>> Commands) that a linux version, I would like find it for DOS version.
F> The FreeDOS distro don't provide any file manager by itself (command line
F> rulez!). But you can install any third-part file manager of your choice.
F> There is a lot of them (sharewares and freewares). Personally I don't use
F> that type of programs, as I'm feeling the best into real command line DOS. I
F> know people are using the oftest software like: DOS Navigator, Volkov
F> Commander, Norton Commander, DOSShell (the one bundled with MSDOS 5.x),
F> DirTree, Necromancer's Navigator and many many others...
F> The most popular is DOS Navigator I think (currently in version 1.51 - open
F> source) Necromancer's Navigator is very close to it (based on the same core),

     At my taste, VC is the one of the best - it much less functional, than
DN (includes less functionality into itself), but it very fast and compact,
and there are many addons for VC, which fullfil most needs.


     Also, take look at this _very_ powerful manager (also written in TP):


F> I suggest you to try both of them and make a choice ;-)
F> They are available at http://www.ritlabs.com/dn/

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