I have tried most of the ones suggested in this group
and they are all fine, but I agree that nothing beats
the command line; it's what makes DOS so fast and
efficient for certain things.  For a small drive
without too many files in any one directory, I would
suggest you try 1dir.exe (which used to be shareware
but is now free).  It is like the dir command, except
you can format it and code different extensions with
different colors, etc. etc.  The formatting potential
is huge, and then with a few two-letter batch files
you can really zip around your drive and organize your
stuff without leaving the prompt.  I have a web page
www.geocities.com/wilkes_charlie/dosbox.htm that shows
a picture of 1dir.  There are other similar products
that also have a good rep, but I really love this one.


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