29-Мар-2005 10:56 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Fox) wrote to

>> Салям!
F> What a weird language ;-)
F> I knew much russian (and russian-like) people when I lived in Poland (they
F> are selling much things on local markets), but never had occasion to see
F> that language written :)

     This is part of middle-asian salute "Salam alleikum" ("peace to your
home"). :)

>> F> Maybe is there somebody which knows how to use DJGPP and could compile
>> F> http://www.catb.org/~esr/gif2png/gif2png-2.5.1.zip for DOS support...?
>>      ...hm. I should look at this.
F> If you will be able to compile it,don't forget about me :)

     No promises, but if there will be results, I notify you. In any case, I
doubt if there is sense to deal with djgpp when we have OpenWatcom.

F> By the way, it could be an good idea to send a DOS version to the current
F> maintainer of GIF2PNG. I wrote to him about the need of a DOS port, but he
F> told that he can't do that as he haven't access to any DOS machine :(

     We may help him. :)

>> optimizes PNG files (because with right filters applying image size may be
F> Are you talking about PNGCRUSH?

     I don't remeber, but look like it.

F> In fact, it is a great piece of software. I use it to compress all my web
F> and private graphic PNG files (I use only two graphic format: PNG and JPG)
F> You will find it at http://pmt.sourceforge.net/pngcrush/

     Thank you.

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