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Geraldo Netto wrote:

hi folks,
where is bart, lucho, john elliot, jason hood, imre leber,
daniel nagy,
steve nickolas, steffen kaiser, joe cosentino and even where
is Pat Villani?

I can't really say, I know some prior developers have moved on to other projects (or back to their primary focus), others perhaps busy with life, and some only seem to pop up occasionally.

support pcmcia driver
why develop an pcmcia driver for dos?
this would be nice, though I'd rather see usb support; I think PC-DOS had some card wizard or such support bundled (been a while so I may be confusing this with other software from work)
either way, a project for someone else

> lucho<>jack (udma driver rules)
what happened?(if you allow me to know, of course)
I believe your answer lies in the mailing lists archives, but I hope they continue to check in occasionally

I would like our docs to be the best possible, but it really does take work and time (which is a scarce resource) to prepare the docs

irc people
I'm just not the irc type, I prefer email (allowing me to reply in my own time if and when I get time), but good to know some FreeDOS regulars are available there

kernel development ------------------ what about stop development for a time and revise code before release FreeDOS 1.0?

I would like to do more development with the kernel, but alas I have very little free time. For the 1.0 release, the stable kernel is in good shape, but some more merging from the development kernel needs to be done. I have a few things on my todo list for the kernel, though most aren't urgent and may not be complete for FD1.0 (which is no big deal).

I think that we are near and far at the same time of FD1.
still plenty of fun work ahead and yet usable as is :-)

with some interesting softwares so this is my list:
I'll have to look into some of them (most I'm aware of, but some are new or at least new urls to me)

on one hand it would be nice to include a lot of useful software, but on the other many people just want a simple boot environment (and tiny download); if we had the manpower, an ideal situation would be multiple distributions maintained (boot disks, minimal, medium - like what we have now, and fat - with a whole set of useful programs). I think Bernd (and Jim in the past) is doing a great job with the distribution (its more work than one would think).

misc ---- i think that freedos need a plan, please note that i'm not saying that freedos is not structured, i'm just saying that it is important to plan something(please, don't not define time to make things it will just disturb the development)

I wouldn't say FreeDOS is structured, but as far as plan goes, I think the 1.0 todo list and post 1.0 list along with the manifesto are sorta the plan. Other than that, I think each developer has his (?are there any hers here?) own ideas for future development [at least I have plans, probably more than I will ever have time to implement...]

is possible to implement a virtualfilesystem layer on freedos kernel?
I think Tom answered these pretty well on fd-kernel.

it is interesting to make freedos "portable" to others
To be honest, I would rather see the kernel less portable, targeting just OpenWatcom, but that's something I won't ever do.
To a certain extent the kernel code is still portable (from its roots), but making it compatible is a higher priority for most users.

i like arkady's optimization but i think that first we need to revise the kernel code before sending to arkady, ok for you, arkady?
what sort of revisions would you like to see?

michael does a nice job with emm386/himem and martin stromberg did a nice job too a long time ago... now, what about both working on emm386/himem?
I'm not touching this issue with a ten foot pole

again, Thanks for this incredible piece of software!
and keep this good work :)


Thanks, Jeremy

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