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>I do not have the idea that Lucho / Jack would have any conflict with

As I know, they have different approach about "how to program". None
of them are wrong, just different.

>each other. As said, Lucho wants to stay in the background. Jack does

Lucho have a lot of "teaching" work.

>not want to get overwhelmed by feedback about UDMA2, so he

Also Jack hate dealing with non-sense and stupid questions.

>You are right, we can always use better documentation. But very
>few people have time for that :-(. Johnson has started to fix a
>few known problems in the htmlhelp text collection, but it would
>be really good to have more helpers. Fox has started to translate

Too bad I got less time to did it.

>Big thanks to Fox and Johnson for their work! The French FreeCOM
>was really outdated before Fox started to help out here, even
>though he prefers Polish - there was no Polish FreeCOM at all

What Jack say are harsh but correct, he said some of the FreeDOS
programmers can't even maintain their programs. Progress too slow.
(He's the kind of person that even a mis-spelling must be corrected
immediately, very proud and responsibile for his own work).


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