Hi, "Fritz" sent me the following text to forward to the list:

You can download the FreeDOS Lite-CD at
http://www.bootablecd.de/downloads/bootablecd/ fdoslite09.iso
(about 35 MB)

The intention of this CD is not only to distribute software but to help
people which have problems with their machine - and to show them how to
create an own version of a bootable CD by simply adding the program name in
a .txt file and adding a go.bat file in the corresponding directory.

Works with free software, OS = FreeDOS,
keyboard support for up to 22 different keyboards (I miss it in each FreeDOS
distribution disk or CD),
Three different menues working with free wbat (menue.bat, noemm386.bat,
nohimem.bat), they start depending on which option you use for booting,
The menues also work with Windows if the drive letter is below K: (should be
enough) - even if there are CD-ROM drive letters before the installation HD),
The menues also work in installation mode (if you want to modify the CD you
only have to create a directory \_LITE_CD on your HD and copy all files from
CD to there, boot from diskette or execute menue.bat under Windows)
a simple FreeDOS bootdisk which can be downloaded from my website (as I have
to correct some small things please wait till version 04/2005 is online)
menuesystem is as simple as possible - for changing you do not have to
modify the basic .bat file but only the corresponding .txt file and to modify
the go.bat in the directory where your program is, (please wait for download
version 04/2005). Boots and works on 4 different CD-ROM drives (yes, there
are people which have 4 CD-ROM drives in one computer!)

Free low level formatting tools,
2 NC clones (Volkov Commander, DOS Navigator),
2 NTFS reading tools (winternals, www.ntfs.com)
a lot of editors,
a free calculator,
two free hard drive editors
some small games,
lookdisk (german only) a tool to find files
f-prot virus checker version march 2005,
hd copy tools
aida 16
fdisk and formatting tools (xfdisk)
as many freedos commands as I know

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