10-Апр-2005 01:23 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Wesley Parish) wrote to

WP> I'm wanting a zip2exe sort of program, to convert a set of Openwatcom DOS
WP> zip files to self-extracting, so I can write a batch file to install the 
WP> kit and caboodle without much manual interaction.

     Instead "ow-archive.exe" you may insert into your batch file another,
non-manual command "unzip ow-archive.zip". What wrong with this? Or, I
suggest, you may combine unzip.exe with ow-archive.zip:

copy /b unzip.exe+ow-archive.zip ow-sfx.exe

and then run "ow-sfx ow-sfx.exe".

WP> zip and unzip doen't have it in the switches.

     If you _really_ need self-extraction, you may use pkzip or winzip. I
don't know other sfx-conversion utilities.

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