9-Апр-2005 23:22 I wrote to freedos-user@lists.sourceforge.net:

AVB> Program may be converted:
AVB> - by external converter (like my COM2EXE).

     This adds only 32 bytes to executable.

AVB> Shortage: if you wish to reduce
AVB>   memory allocation for your program (from 64k to something lesser), you
AVB>   should know required value and point it as COM2EXE option argument.

     You may get it from CuteMouse archive.

AVB> - by adding EXE header into COM source. After discussing with Eduardo
AVB>   Casino,

     In June 2004.

AVB>   I make template, which shows, how to do this.

     Ask me, if you wish get it.

AVB> - by changing source from COM to EXE style.

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