On Saturday 09 April 2005 23:25, Mark Blain wrote:
> LOADFIX is not an executable, it's inside FreeCOM (COMMAND.COM).  Type
> VER.  If you don't see LOADFIX, you have an XMS-only version of
> FreeCOM: replace it with a BINARY.ZIP file for the same version from
> <http://freedos.sourceforge.net/freecom/#-download>
> If you're interested, this is explained at
> <http://freedos.sourceforge.net/freecom/cmd.html#loadfix>

Yes, I'm using the XMS-swapping FreeCOM and I don't want to use the "normal" 
version of FreeCOM because it is eating *much* more conventional memory :(
Even if I load the non-xms FreeCOM I will probably have not enough memory to 
run my EXEpacked game with LOADFIX :(
Is there any stand-alone version of LOADFIX somewhere? Maybe someone could 
compile it from the source of the "classic" FreeCOM? It will be more handy to 
have a stand-alone program LOADFIX than having to load the huge FreeDOS 

Best regards,

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