At 01:11 PM 4/15/2005 +0100, Roberto Waldteufel wrote:
Hi All,

No I am not using Himem.Sys or Himem.exe. I am writing for 32-bit protected mode, so I need DPMI for the flat memory model, which in theory should enable the use of all 4 GB of RAM on my system, not just extra high memory in the real mode. No such real mode high memory manager is needed under CWSDPMI.

You have an insufficient number of data points to draw detailed conclusions. Try loading FreeDOS HIMEM.EXE, and then run latest MEM.EXE to see how much XMS is available. Also if, as you seem to indicate, you have HIMEM.SYS from a late version MS-DOS available, load that HIMEM.SYS instead of HIMEM.EXE, then run MEM.EXE to see how much XMS is available under it.

The values reported may demonstrate whether anything sees the full 4G under standard BIOS calls.

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