eric asked about software licenses, all those softwares
are gpl (and they aren't on freedos software lists)

partition saving is like norton ghost
license: gpl

This isn't really a general-user utility, so I hesitate to
add it to the FreeDOS Software List.
Plus, I don't understand where it says SavePart is GNU GPL.
The download doesn't include any source code (required, under the GNU GPL) and there is no GNU GPL license file. I
think you may have misunderstood "free software" (as in no
cost) with "Free software" (as in "software libre").

uhm, I read it: "This program can be copied and freely redistributed. It can not be sold in any way either alone or included into another program. All what is in this package must be kept together into its original shape. This program is afforded as it is without any guarantee. No pursuit can be engaged against its author in case of damages due to this program. All remarks are welcome." i found it on this link: and there is no gpl license/source code on zip file...

Right, but that's not the GNU GPL. It's free software (available at no cost) but not "Free Software" ("software libre").


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