At 08:03 PM 4/24/2005 +0200, Fox wrote:

I've installed recently FreeDOS on an friend's PC (Cel 850 / 384 MB SDRAM).
That PC have a Sound Blaster 64 PCI sound card and I have a big problem to
install its driver. The driver must be launched when HIMEM & EMM386 are
installed, and it needs to have at least 2MB of the first 4MB XMS memory
free. I know that sounds weird :)

Use EMM=2048 or 1024 or some lower type value somewhere below 3M

VCPI must keep a reserve or else things which use VCPI fail, so a default value is used based on total available memory if there isn't an explicit amount set via EMM=. This issue will go away in a few days with next EMM386 release.

The real solution, of course, is for the original developers not to have written a driver so stupid as to require using the first 2-4M of extended memory, but it's a reality we have to live with.

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