Hi, I have done some nice updates for my spin-off version of EDIT.
The new EDIT 0.7b finally fixes the "crash when expanding tabs" bug
(using the 1-line patch which somebody had figured out very long time
ago, sorry for not having applied it much earlier!). It also does
introduce a "viewer mode" (selected by the /R switch: All files are
opened readonly, in what I think is a better implementation than the
EDIT 0.82 one, where you got messages popping up when trying to type
anything anywhere but where you could still delete / cut ;-)).
In addition, the /b (select monochrome mode and color scheme) switch
now works, there is a /i (select inverse monochrome color scheme)
switch, and you can select 43/50 line mode with the /h switch.

The "save config" function always saves viewer / read-only mode as
"off", but you can hexedit the config to make viewer mode the default.
If you activate viewer mode with the /R switch, there is no way to
disable viewer mode again. However, you can use the DOS shell menu
item in EDIT and run a new instance of EDIT, without /R switch, from
there, or cause other troubles. If you want "viewer mode" to be a
real security feature, I can disable the DOS shell menu item in EDIT
when the viewer mode is on. Let me know.

Row- and Column-numbers are now shown as 1-based values in the status
line, as 0-based numbers felt unintuitive for me. No idea what the
"standard" among other editors is for this.

The time display no longer has a blinking ":" - instead, the ":" is
replaced by "." every second. Looks less "aggressive" blinking-wise.
Of course the time display uses your country / NLS settings.

The readme file now makes clear that EDIT 0.7a / 0.7b are a separate
version and that the newest official / Joe Cosentino version is 0.82,
which has some differences to 0.7b - Whenever one of the two is
better than the other, I encourage the users to motivate the maintainer
of the other version to improve it :-). I also clarified that bug
issues about 0.6letter / 0.7letter can be blamed on me, while 0.6 and
before and 0.8 - 0.82 are Joe specific. Not that either of us does
make any claims or promises about EDIT. So you cannot really BLAME us
if any EDIT version trashes your data or computer.

I hope you will enjoy EDIT 0.7b, in particular if you like the un-
expanded-tabs mode and the ability to use almost all of the 256 chars
which are in a DOS charset, and the nice and tame keyboard driver
and timer usage. Apart from that, I guess we have to wait which EDIT
has fewer bugs to know which EDIT is better at the moment ;-)).


Get EDIT 0.7b at:

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