> > Hi, at http://www.coli.uni-saarland.de/~eric/stuff/soft/
> >  terminal-23apr2005.zip and terminal-rom.tar.gz
> What is it for? I tried to guess by launching the program (both term.bat and 
> terminal.com) but can't find its function. Terminal - is it meaning that I 
> could access another computer trough the RS232 with that?

The bat file is only a wrapper which makes the command line syntax nicer
for you - if you remove it, you still get all other features, but save some
disk space. The function of TERMINAL is that you can exchange text over the
serial port. For example if you tell it to use the serial port of your
mouse, and then do something with the mouse, the data from your mouse will
be displayed on screen. Another example is talking to your serial port modem:
You type things like "AT" or "ATI" or "ATDTnumber" or "ATH" and the modem
will answer and do things for you.
After connecting your modem to a server that way, you can also talk to the
server (e.g. a BBS) with TERMINAL. The ansi/vt100 support means that the
terminal understands things like cursor movement commands. You can also
connect your PC to another PC directly, with a null-modem cable, and use
your PC with help of TERMINAL as a second user interface to the other PC
(trivial with Linux PCs, but more complex with other "servers". However,
even DOS supports CTTY to redirect the user interface to the serial port).


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