Hi, Fox sent me a list of remaining problems in EDIT 0.7b,
which I comment and summarize here. Comments please.

- all windows are inside the outmost window, and the top / side
  borders of that waste space. if you resize it, you see the DOS screen :-P
  ANSWER: No idea how to safely remove borders of a window in D-FLAT.
- if there are no files in a directory, the file selection menu should
  skip the "Files:" list if you tab, and jump from Name: to Directories:.
  ANSWER: First give me a patch to highlight the Files/Directories/Drives
  selectors when you tab to them. The problem: Highlight is already in use
  to mark the current selection there. Maybe highlight the heading instead?
  (And: How to make ESC hit CANCEL instead of being typed to Name: here?)
- alt up / alt down should select the first / last menu item of the sub-
  menu which you open by pressing the key. At the moment, the most recently
  used menu item in that sub menu is highlighted, not the topmost/bottom one
  ANSWER: current implementation differs from MS but feels sophisticated ;-).
- there should be alt-number as shortcut for alt-w number, to select one
  of the first 9 editbox windows.

  ANSWER: suggestions on how to implement this?
- nothing in the clock time display should blink at all
  ANSWER: easy to implement, depends on whether others agree on that :-).
- using DOSIDLE freezes the clock when user does not touch mouse / keyboard
  ANSWER: this problem does not happen with FDAPM. Ask DOSIDLE maintainer?
- a KITTEN translation would be nice, e.g. French or Polish.
  ANSWER: Many people seem to use German and Spanish. Actually there are
  some FAQ questions given in Spanish, by people being unable to write in
  English? To get started, write translations of edit.txt (which is the
  source for the compiled edit.hlp help database), dialbox.h (for the Cancel
  OK Yes No messages) and menus.c (the menu tree definition). The latter
  can be tricky as the ~ in there define the hotkeys.

- the help menu item should be right-aligned on the main menubar
  ANSWER: No idea how to implement that with D-FLAT, check menu*.* sources.
- edit 0.82 has more bugs than edit 0.7b at the moment
  ANSWER: Nice. Submit a list of EDIT 0.82 bugs on Bugzilla to give Joe a
  way to make his EDIT 0.83 better than EDIT 0.7b then ;-).

Summary: outmost window borders consume space, but no idea how to fix.
Might be the price to pay for a multi-file editing user interface...
File selection dialog should be nicer. HELP WANTED with that. Alt-Up/Down
to open drop-down menus differs from MS style. COMMENTS WANTED. Alt-Digit
should directly select an editbox window. COMMENTS WANTED: At the moment,
Alt-Digit is in use because Alt-Number is the standard way to type special
chars. Alt-W-Digit might be easy enough anyway. The clock should not blink
at all? COMMENTS WANTED - would be easy to implement. DOSIDLE spoils the
clock update - DOSIDLE BUG. Still interesting. Translations would be nice.
HELP WANTED. Start by translating edit.txt and think about also trans-
lating dialbox.h and menus.c ... There are about 50 messages spread among
other code parts in *print*/strcat/strcpy/... style, probably far less,
and many of them need no translation anyway (e.g. s"Ctrl+%c" style ones).
The help main menubar item should be right aligned. SORRY, NOT POSSIBLE
with D-FLAT windowing toolkit as far as I know.

Finally, Fox asked why /R mode disables the DOS shell option. This is
because my /R mode implementation is a "secure file viewer" one, as
opposed to the /R mode of EDIT 0.82 which the user can enable and disable
from within EDIT at any time. I hope my /R mode is really secure.


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