29-Апр-2005 15:37 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Vince LaMonica) wrote to

VL> I don't need CD-ROM support at all. In fact the main reason I am doing
VL> this is so I can get DOS to use more than 640kb of memory. Our windows
VL> 2000 workstations run a legacy DOS program called ACCPAC+ [accounting and
VL> inventory program] and it has a very cool search feature that is quite
VL> fast. But it only works if the program can fit the entire inventory in the
VL> 640kb space.

     There is possibility to get more than 640k of available base memory, if
you use neither EGA/VGA graphics nor any font loading service/program. For
this, add I=A000-AFFF option for EMM386 in config.sys or use some program,
like VIDRAM from QEMM package.

     If you will use EMM386 option, don't forget to use latest _development_
kernel edition (so called "unstable") from freedos.sf.net (which lead to
www.fdos.org) - I don't sure, if Beta9sr1 uses it, not the "head" edition
(which includes only part of patches from development edition).

VL> emm386 is 1.13,

     Update it to at least 1.15

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