At 07:52 PM 4/29/2005 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:

Quarterdeck Manifest / MFT:

I mean: It hangs even if I have no caches on and run it from harddisk.
GCUBE intro crashes on second call with EMM386 2.0: DOS tells that the
MCB at d0cf:0 has been zeroed out. Does not happen with EMM386 1.15...
If I enable pool sharing, GCUBE hangs right at the start.
GASOLINE 1999 demo (PMODE/W 1.33) hangs at once if pool sharing is on.
CTSTOAST 1996 demo (when started with DOS32a) hangs at once if pool
sharing is on.
The DOS version of the DESCENT game (DOS4GW) hangs at once if pool
sharing is on. Same for Jazz Jackrabbit (RTM/DPMI16BI) game and the
AuGoS Go player (same DOS extender). For AuGoS, things are even worse:

As I indicated elsewhere, EMM386 was successfully tested here against serious program using DOS extenders or EMS. The "works okay" list run something like this:

Doom, Masters of Orion, MPXPLAY (one DOS32A version has problems due it itself, but not other extenders), Pong, EMSTEST, MFT, BCAD, DANDCAD3D, and a finally homebrew stress test which allocation 60M of memory via 15000 VCPI allocate calls, and then released then in out of order sequence checking for invalid calls, failure to release, or other errors. EMM386 passed all those tests without problems. As you know, various of those programs had problems with EMM386 in the past and can be pretty picky.

We may, as I said, be looking at problems related to a specific environment. However, I will test a few of the programs you listed. If they all start by work for me, then we are almost definitely dealing with an environmental difference. Which would be un-fun to debug.

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