Hi Aitor, you are a little late... Things started in 2003: I had sent
some AltGr handling patch to Joe early in 2003, but the patch turned
out to work only on a few older BIOSes. So I modified my own keyboard
driver to include a workaround. Later, Patric found a D-Flat version
which was useable to compile EDIT, and this what when I really started
tweaking EDIT. Jim commented that Joe was very busy at that time. Some
people might even have wanted me to become the new official maintainer,
but I already am maintainer of too many "abandoned" DOS projects...

In my archives, I have by now edit06, edit06a-patric, edit06b, edit06c,
edit07d, edit06e, edit07 (which was when Joe officially accepted
my patched version to count as a full release, I seem to remember),
edit07a and now edit07b.

> Subject: [fd-dev] FreeDOS EDIT alive and updated!
> Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 05:58:48 +0100 (MET)

... was when Patric found that D-Flat version and we managed to fix
the AltGr non-support (Alt-Gr being treated as any-other-Alt). Later
updates involve a complete revamping of the keyboard / timer handler,
as I wanted to get rid of the "if you exit EDIT in nonstandard way,
keyboard and timer IRQ handlers are left dangling around" problem,
and general bugfixes.

A bin more checking of archives... Joe announced EDIT 0.6 30 Nov 2002,
including patches from Jeremy and me, to improve Ctrl-Break and Alt-Gr
handling (the latter did not actually work out). Tabs were displayed as
raw characters at that time (as circles, as in "0 tab" mode of my current
0.7a/0.7b spin-off versions).

Later, Joe planned to bring out EDIT 0.7 in June 2003, but it seems that
the actual release way by my in November or December 2003. It had the new
Ctrl-P literal-type function and a status bar which self-compacted when
EDIT is started on a 40 column display. Tab handling is a thing which has
been around in EDIT updates for a long time, hard to tell what happened
when. At some point, Joe introduced some internal codes to process tabs
on the fly, but those occupy a few chars in 0x80-0x8f range, two or three,
enough to be annoying for Russians. A generally useful idea, though. My
spin-off versions instead expand tabs to spaces when you open a file. To
get them back to tabs, use the free spc2tab / tab2spc toolkit for now...

Joe released EDIT 0.8 in mid-April 2004, and 0.8 turned out to be a re-
write style approach to merge my patches into something like EDIT 0.6
or similar, involving a different D-Flat version as far as I remember.
There were bug-fixing follow-up versions 0.81 and 0.82, with 0.82 not
having really enough PR yet. One of them introduced a read-only mode
which has some holes (you can modify the file on screen), but none of
them serious (edit always behaves as if there are no unsaved changes
and does not let you save the read-only file, even if you are able to
edit what you see on screen). I think it would be about time for EDIT
version 0.83, to catch up with my 0.7b - actually having TWO versions
of EDIT around can be a source of inspiration for both branches :-).
"Konkurrenz belebt das Geschaeft", as we would say.


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