Hello World ;-)

The FreeDOS Password seems to be bugfree now (current release is v0.25), so I 
moved its homepage to my 'official' website at 

FreeDOS Password is a program which prevent strangers to access to your PC 
under DOS. All logins and attempts to login are stored in a log file, 
passwords are hashed using the SMDB hash. It's possible to create as many 
users as we like, there is a restriction only for passwords and logins length 
- can't exceed 25 chars each (who use so long passwords??).
I wrote that tool in hope that it will be usefull especially for FreeDOS users 
(that's why I called it FreeDOS Password).

Latest version supports language files (That's not CATS/Kitten, but sort of). 
I wrote english, polish and french files myself, I hope peoples will write 
files for other languages :-P (not difficult at all, just edit the 
PASSWORD.EN text file, sign it  and send it back to me)

Mateusz Viste "Fox"

P.S. What are the rules for an application to be listed somewhere in the 
"Software" section of FreeDOS.org?

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