On Monday 02 May 2005 19:55, Bernd Blaauw wrote:
> define 'supports' please.
> Does your program work without *any* external language file, or are they
>   *required* instead of only *optional* ?

Supports, mean that it can use HIS OWN language files. His own - it's simply 
the model (english) file translated line by line into another language.
Yes, it works with *any* external language file, as far as the file has first 
10 lines empty (or comments, or anything), and following 23 lines are the 
translation of the 23 lines from PASSWORD.EN.
Translation files are NOT required. What a weird idea :) The program works 
like that:
IF there is LANG environment variable other than 'EN' THEN
         IF there is NLSPATH environment variable, then search in that path the 
required PASSWORD.%lang% file.
IF There is LANG but no translation files found in NLSPATH (or there isn't 
NLSPATH at all) then search in the PASSWORD's directory. IF there is in 
PASSWORD's directory the required file, then load it.
IF above commands can't load the translation file defined by LANG, then use 
internal (english) messages.
All that means that language files are only OPTIONAL. If there isn't any 
language file, or there isn't LANG - no matter, we will use english 
(internal) messages.

> In what file are the users/passwords stored?
> not in a language file I hope

Of course, not in the language file. You have really weird ideas today, 
Bernd ;)
Users and password's hashes are stored in the PASSWORD.DAT file in the 
PASSWORD's directory.

> Layout something like this?:
> password.com/exe
> userpass.txt
> logfile.txt
> language.txt

PASSWORD.EXE (main executable)
PASSWORD.DAT (passwords and hashes)
PASSWORD.LOG (the LOG file, created when you run PASSWORD for the first time)
PASSWORD.* (EN, PL and FR are included with the program, but others can be 
used too of course, if someone take care to write them - by the way, Bernd, 
if you have time feel free to make a dutch translation ;-) )
PASSWORD.LSM (description file)

> Besides NLSPATH and current directory, can you also search %PATH% ?

For what?? Of course, I *could* if I want, but I don't see any interest in 
that. NLSPATH should be enough, and I additionally check the PASSWORD's 
directory if NLSPATH fails, I think that it is even more than enough. By the 
way, as Eric said, CATS/Kitten looks only into NLSPATH, nowhere else :-P

> the install.bat you wrote is quite dangerous, because it's valid only
> for MS-DOS 6.22 or later, with MS COMMAND.COM in use.
> FreeDOS uses another menu system, for example, and autoexec.bat can also
> be changed.

Why dangerous???? I know that the [common] section will not always work, but 
it's surely not dangerous. And for AUTOEXEC.BAT, what is the problem? It can 
be changed by who? When?

> One last question: do you explicitly set input to CON device?

I think it's not needed.... Even if someone wants to redirect the input to 
anything else than CON (for example LPT or COM), he will have to enter the 
login and password that way. All screen writes/reads in FD Password are done 
by the standard input/output. What others thinks about that? Eric?

Best regards,

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