> Users and password's hashes are stored in the PASSWORD.DAT file in the
> PASSWORD's directory.

Could you also check %ETC% directory? I like to have all configuration files 
in the same place. ETC is already used by programs ported from *NIX systems 
and many others.

> > One last question: do you explicitly set input to CON device?
> I think it's not needed.... Even if someone wants to redirect the input to
> anything else than CON (for example LPT or COM), he will have to enter the
> login and password that way. All screen writes/reads in FD Password are
> done by the standard input/output. What others thinks about that? Eric?

Maybe this could be changable with some command-line switch (e.g. /D=dev - 
specify input/output device to use, defaults to stdin/stdout).

P.S. Can I check from autoexec.bat which login is entered? I want to have 
different configurations (keyboard layout, mapped network drives, etc...). 
Maybe PASSWORD could create some batch file with loginname (for example, @set 
login=testlogin), where I could append commands I need? Also, good thing 
would be ability to ask PASSWORD to run some other password programs after 
login and automatically enter login and password (if I have local and 
NetWare/SMB login/password the same, I don't want to enter password twice).


Kristaps Kaupe,

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