At 02:59 PM 5/3/2005 +0200, Eric Auer wrote:

> >todo.txt emm386.txt and emm386.lsm are all outdated
> Not my file, not my file, and fully up to date.

Sorry. Did not mean to annoy you. So: Tom, could you update those files?

I don't know what you're talking about, actually. The first two aren't in EMM386 distribution, so I don't know how they would be official files that need to be updated. And I updated the LSM file. If they aren't in official distribution, you are probably out of luck.

amount of allocateable EMS, namely 256 MB? I mean, would all DOS
extenders be able to allocate extra RAM from XMS when they find out
that VCPI "only" offers them 256 MB?

So why should I cripple VCPI to make your favorite DOS extender happy? There probably exist bare applications -- and possibly a DOS extender though I don't know of any -- which allocate entirely through VCPI if it's flagged as available. Anyway, the DOS/32A version with problems is 7.2. I re-checked SourceForge and noticed that there is a 7.33, which was not mentioned in their announcements. Another public BB stated that there is a 7.4x, but I don't know what/where it is, if so. If you track down a change list, maybe the answer is there.

 Would of course only affect the
non-outdated DOS extenders. Things like Jazz Jackrabbit (RTM) would
not gain anything from having more than 256 MB RAM available anyway...

As far as RTM. I figured out the problem with AUGOS. If I slowdown my computer to 20% normal, the failure (in the Turbo Pascal compiled code) is avoided, apparently the infamous runtime error 200 related to machine speed is widely suffered. At 20% speed AUGOS runs OK under both EMM386 2.01 and pure HIMEM with 448M extended memory free. Both TD and TLINK used an updated version of RTM which runs okay in either circumstance, as well.

That Raptor (DOS/16M) not enough memory (XMIN) error showed up
again, and yet again using RAP /? made it go away. No idea why,
but as long as it works... :-).

I'll look at Raptor if you tell me where to get it. Otherwise, I'm still not seeing the problems you are reporting with bare HIMEM and RTM and nothing new with EMM386 2.01.

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