On Wednesday 04 May 2005 20:09, Michael Devore wrote:
> Is the sound garbled because your CPU is maxed out, the CD transfer is too
> slow, or because something is causing corruption? If your CPU is maxed out

No, my system is just fine. It's a Cel 850 with 384 MB RAM (by the way, if I 
don't specify the /MAX=129000 parameter on HIMEM, then at boot all my XMS 
memory is reported as occupied (with only about 1MB free)!) and a DVD drive.

> If you think you're getting corruption, try X=A000-EFFF in your EMM386 line
> to temporarily exclude all high memory.  Perhaps there is a conflict with a
> UMB block.  If that clears up the problem, then you'll need to figure out
> exactly which 4K block(s) (for example D800-DBFF and EC00-EFFF) need to be
> excluded to get back the rest of your upper memory.  If that does not clear
> it up, look to what drivers could be using VDS.  Few things do, UDMA is
> one, network drivers are another, and I don't know if MPXPLAY does or
> not.  If possible, try turning off VDS option for those applications and
> see if your music starts working.

Indeed, I'm using an UDMA CD driver (when using the default FreeDOS driver 
files with bitrate higher than 160kbps are garbled because of the poor 
transfer). It's the same driver that I told about some times ago (but not the 
same PC). When CD driver loaded into High memory, the PC hangs when I try to 
load something from CD, when I load it into low, it's ok IF there isn't the 
VDS parameter in EMM386 (otherwise the sound is crappy and the PC hangs at 
MPXPLAY's exit).

I remarked recently that the high mem amount has decreased on my PC (the one 
about which I posted bug reports in Bugzilla) from 160kb to 152kb (I don't 
know why) and my UDMA CD driver is working just fine (no matter low or high 


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