tells that the most recent TDSK should be 2.42, more or less
an improved-usability version of Ciri's 2.30 ... However, I
could not find the SOURCE CODE of any newer version than 2.3!
has the 2.3 sources and the 2.42 binary (4/2001). Has been a long time.
The 2.3 version has several problems (e.g. help screen claims that max
64M are supported - in reality, only 32M-1k are, and several device
driver functions are missing, but there is not even code to trap requests
for unimplemented calls instead of crashing...).

So would it be possible to get to the 2.42 source code somehow?
Note that imho FreeDOS still includes version 2.3 because that is
the latest open source version!


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