Ok this is two questions in one here, I just did a real minimalistic FreeDOS install via 5 1/4" floppy on my "new" computer. No DOS text editors work on this machine, they all crash - including TED tiny editor. I suspect it could be something do with the keyboard. Please don't tell me i'm stuck with edlin, but i will accept this fate if i must :-) Also the external command 'mem' crashes the machine. Aside from this, FreeDOS runs great! Here are the specs:

Brand:  Laser Turbo XT (circa 1987)
CPU:    4.77Mhz 8088 - can be 'turboed' into a rip-roaring 9Mhz!
RAM:   640kb
Video:   VGA
KB:       Original IBM  - the 'normal' (modern) keyboards don't work at all
BIOS:    Generic
HD:       30MB - slow as hell! :-P

I think that's all that would be pertinent for trouble-shooting.

thanks for any help. please no sarcasm suggesting that i upgrade! i am a stubborn junk collector. ;-)

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