Hi all, as the "editors on old PCs" topic still has some
attention: My spin-off variant EDIT 0.7c works properly on
8086 / 8088 (PC-XT) computers, even with 84-key keyboard.
Hint hint ;-).


Aitor has asked (when 0.7b came out) whether there would be a
place to download the D-FLAT library (the underlying windowing
and "Text-GUI" (TUI) toolkit of EDIT). Patric has found good
old DFLAT 20 still online. Public domain by Dr Dobbs:


You can also download the tuned-for-EDIT-0.7c version of DFLAT
simply by downloading EDIT 0.7c, of course :-).


PS: I recently tried to test the file manager of ReactOS (WinNT
clone, open source), the ROS Explorer, but had to find that it
contained CMOV (PentiumPro/newer) and therefore would not run on
my "ancient" 500 MHz PC. So far for classic-PC compatibility. The
author could give me a 486 compatible version but the default down-
load version is Pentium4 (!) optimized...

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