Hi, I browsed the Datalight ROM-DOS site a bit...
- you gotta register to get the single user version (free)
- ROM-DOS requires 186+ CPU. If you want it in ROM: It takes 60-90k.
- included drivers: ansi ata display, vdisk, stackdev, print, power,
  mscdex, himem, emm386, keyb.
- included tools: attrib backup chkdsk choice COMM command (with help)
  COMPRESS deltree DISK2IMG diskcomp diskcopy DUMP exe2bin fdisk find
  format label mem mode more move NED (editor) print REMDISK REMQUIT
  REMSERV restore RSZ SERLINK SERSERV share smartdrv sort subst sys tree
  TRANSFER xcopy.
- included extra files: ega/ega3 CPI, keyboard/keybrd2 sys, country sys.

> http://datalight.com/products/romdos/productdetails_su.php

Thanks for telling us about those interesting news :-).
ROM-DOS comes in 2 variants: With and without FAT32 support.
You can even get a SDK with sources and TCP/IP stack.

Some unknown file meanings: ata -> cdrom?, compress -> like LZSS?,
remdisk/remquit/remserv and serlink/serserv -> network/link cable
drive letters like FileMaven/Laplink/InterLnk?, rsz/disk2img/dump -> ROM
related?, comm/transfer -> serial link stuff? stackdev -> ???.


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