Hi, Lucho gave me some extra information about ROM-DOS. You can
get the single-user private use version after registration for
free now: http://datalight.com/products/romdos/productdetails_su.php
There are FAT32 and classic versions. If you store them in ROM, they
take 60-90k. You need 186+ CPU (for himem: 286, for emm386: 386).
The SDK with driver (not kernel!) sources and TCP/IP is 1250 bucks!

So back to the free parts:
- included extra files: ega/ega3 CPI, keyboard/keybrd2 sys, country sys.
- included drivers: ansi, ata (CF and PCMCIA drives), vdisk (ramdisk),
  stackdev (stacks=...), print (print queue), power (energy saving),
  mscdex (cdrom highlevel: looks like they do not include cdrom lowlevel
  drivers), himem (XMS/HMA), emm386 (EMS/UMB), keyb (keyboard), share
  (file locking / sharing).
- included tools: attrib backup chkdsk choice command (with help system)
  deltree diskcomp diskcopy exe2bin fdisk find format label mem mode move
  restore smartdrv sort subst sys tree xcopy are all DOS classics.
- included other tools: comm (terminal), rsz (z-modem file transfer),
  compress (pack kernel for ROM), disk2img / dump (ROM related, I think),
  transfer (file transfer?), ned (editor?), remserv/remquit/remdisk (remote
  system), serlink/serserv (serial link).

So if you compare to FreeDOS with FileMaven for the serial link and ROMOS
for the ROM stuff and my Terminal, we have less "remote" stuff and no Z-
modem software (which one would you recommend?). We have no PCMCIA/CF/ATA
driver either (how big is the ROM-DOS one, by the way?) and our PRINT is
quite outdated. On the other hand, our POWER (FDAPM) is quite good ;-).

Next question would be comparing the file sizes of the tools and drivers
and the memory footprint of the kernel and drivers. Happy testing and


PS: How about their mscdex/smartdrv/vdisk/mode compared to shsucdx/lba-
cache/xmsdsk (or tdsk)/mode? Experiences?

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