Noel Sant schreef:

So what else do I need?, 66Kb. Kernel.sys, 43Kb, I suppose, but
when I tried creating a disk with just those (from the bootable install
floppy), it didn't boot properly. When I added Metakern.sys, 3Kb, it did but
I got a menu, which seems to be built in somehow, and which I don't really
rename kernel.sys to metakern.sys then.
the SYS command (from freedos) can transfer system files (core component files that make your DOS bootable from disk), including the so called bootsector (512byte area), which points to the filename that should be the kernel. My freedos bootdisk uses a bootsector referring to metakern.sys, a multiboot menu.
In turn, metakern can boot from harddisk, floppy or just plain start a DOS.

Do I  need to install FreeDOS first somewhere and work with components from
that? I hope not, because I don't really have any spare disk space.
*Transfer system files (, kernel.sys, bootsector)
*create (optional) config.sys or fdconfig.sys file (fdconfig is just the preferred file so config.sys can be used for another DOS)
contents: whatever you like, for example to load an XMS memory driver: DEVICE=A:\HIMEM.EXE
*create (optional) autoexec.bat file
contents: your ghost commandline probably, or to load a mouse driver like CTMOUSE first.
*add Ghost's file(s)

Done now :)

Hope it helps.
I usually use a DOS floppy for memory testing ( or bios flashing, not much else


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