I am testing a program pari/gp  which i downloaded from here

only two files are necessary for the dos install

It is an application for linux  ported to windows and os2/dos
with  user specified variable  precision for calculations
The os2/dos port uses  emx 
I wont explain emx here,  but is needed to run the app
and the included doc covers it

tested initially on freedos b9sr1 with
version of himem.exe and emm386.exe and was
not able to get it running, either the app would
msg  out of memory or the system would crash.

next test was on drdos and  was able to get it
running with the drdos version of   emm386 and
no himem.  actually the drdos version of emm386
messages that himem should not be run if
using drdos  emm386  

I copied over the drdos emm386 to the freedos pc
and was able to run pari/gp by commenting out
the freedos versions of himem and emm386 and 
substituting just the drdos version of  emm386

Would like to try and get the applic running
without drdos  emm386 but not sure what
to try next.  Any suggestions would be 

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