At 07:41 AM 5/28/2005 -0700, coralline algae wrote:

I am testing a program pari/gp  which i downloaded from here

only two files are necessary for the dos install

tested initially on freedos b9sr1 with
version of himem.exe and emm386.exe and was
not able to get it running, either the app would
msg  out of memory or the system would crash.

GP stuff using EMX/RSX has the same problem as RAR32 does, mentioned in EMM386 2.02 release announcement. EMX/RSX extender is unhappy with too much available extended memory when EMM386 is loaded.

However, unlike RAR32 which fails if more than MAX=429M option is specified in the HIMEM (not EMM386) line, GP will not fail until the MAX= setting is higher than 434M. 5M difference is possibly due to the larger size and memory requirements of GP.EXE.

I don't know what's going on in EMX/RSX's little pin head, but the workaround is to limit your total available extended memory in HIMEM when using it to, oh, /MAX=424M ought to be safe.

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