Thanks a lot for your time and your help.

>Hi, so you want to format a real diskette from within dosemu?
>Or just a disk image which you later copy to a real diskette
>with the Linux "dd" tool? The latter might work better.

I'm trying to format real diskette from within dosemu...
But if i can't do it quickly, i will try to create disks images
which i later copy to real diskette with the linux dd tool.
I will continu to help you to debug dosemu/freedos kernel and/or
other tools.

>Please try if this happens
>with some recent kernel version. For example, download the 8086-
>compatible (386-optimized is less stable!) OpenWatcom-compiled
>FreeDOS cvs stable kernel from and the
>classic kernel version 2035a from:

I did exactly what you say to me to do.I just replace the kernel.sys
file.I just tryed the format tool,not the compaq bootsec tool as you
say to me, i "meet" the same problem.
But i have still the same problem,with error 519.

Are you sur i don't need to update other file(s) (maybe in
dosemu/freedos dependencies) ?

So, as i'm not discouraged,i continued to search a quick solution.
I have found it ! :D
I gone again on the dosemu site,find the binaries stable release
(1.2.2), install it,put the compaq exe(which contain the bootsec tool)
and try to run it. And it work fine.It format ma real diskette,and put
on it the files.

For information, i have this version on my debian:
dosemu 1.2.1
freedos b8p (it's the debian classification,i suppose the b is for
beta,but i don't know for the p (maybe public?))

I have tested to update the format tool from the dosemu binaries release
on my debian system (with the FreeDOS kernel version 1.1.35w(the 
Development Kernel from this page,with FreeDOS
kernel version 1.1.28 (Build 2028) (from debian package),with FreeDOS
kernel version 1.1.35 (Build 2035a)(from ,and with
FreeDOS kernel version 1.1.35 (Build 2035b-cvs)(the stable Kernel from
this page they work,but not the bootsec
compaq tools(i retryed only with 1.1.35w).

I have my diskettes :D

If i can to do something else to help you...


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