Benjamin sent me this email about his new distribution of FreeDOS, specifically for use as a DivX player. Thought I'd fwd his post here:

Benjamin Brisson wrote:
Finally done, had to finish my website before posting it, took a while.... <>
tell me what you think... Kind regards

    Benjamin Brisson wrote:
     > My floppy is nearly done!
     > Freedos boot disk with ramdrive and menu with only 3 folders on root:
     > CONFIG: contains files call in config.sys
     > RAMDISK: contains files loaded in ramdisk (menu system and pkunzip)
     > ZIP: contains zip archives of tools and read-me files in
     > The floppy contains in zip folder the following applications (Only
     > DOSLFN and Volkov commander have been altered)
     > DOSLFN v0.32o (DOSLFN.ZIP)
     > DUSE 4.9 (DUSE.ZIP)
     > QuickView Pro v2.54 ( ->DivX Player
     > Volkov Commander v4.99 beta (
     > NTFSDOS 3.0r (
     > UniVBE 6.7 (UNIVBE67.ZIP )
     > The floppy contains the following uncompressed programs:
     > CTMOUSE
     > EZEDIT
     > FIND
     > KEYB
     > Lxpic v7.3 -> 20KB asm image player with thumnails, got pb with few
     > jpg with thumbnail incorporated
     > MEM
     > SHSUCDX

benjamin.brisson -at-

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